About Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry, at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, delivers several courses which focus on the major research fields of molecular chemistry, condensed phase chemistry, organic chemistry, and global environmental chemistry alongside a volcanic chemistry course offered as a cooperative course. More than 30 faculty members are engaged in education and research in the department with the aim of clarifying the structure, character, and reaction of chemical materials from both experimental and the theoretical perspectives, based on the principles of the atom and the molecule. Practical application of this basic research to specialized areas such as global environmental problems are also covered. The department has advanced, state-of-the-art instrumental facilities such as NMR, x-ray diffractometry and laser Raman microscopy, which are available to students on our graduate educational programs as well as for research. The goal of our graduate programs is to give Masters and PhD students the opportunity to become familiar with advanced research in chemistry and related fields, underpinned by a strong foundation of knowledge of the fundamental aspects of various fields of chemistry. Such a skill set is of significant importance to their future careers both in business and in projects in companies, universities, national laboratories and so on.