Iwasawa/Takaya Laboratory

Laboratory introduction

Professor Iwasawa

Associate professor Takaya

Assistant professor Takahashi

Assistant professor Murata

Laboratory name Iwasawa/Takaya Laboratory
Staff Professor Nobuharu Iwasawa
(The 4th floor of East Bldg.1, room 44/E-MAIL:niwasawa@chem.)
Associate professor Jun Takaya
(The 4th floor of East Bldg.1, room 41/E-MAIL:takayajun@chem.)
Assistant professor Kohei Takahashi
(The 4th floor of East Bldg.1, room 42/E-MAIL:takahashi@chem.)
Assistant professor Kei Murata
(The 4th floor of East Bldg.1, room 41/E-MAIL::murata@chem.)

*Please put titech.ac.jp on the E-MAIL.

Research Content

Our main purposes of research are the development of new synthetic reactions and its application to the preparation of natural and unnatural products of unique properties. Concerning the development of new synthetic reactions, we have interests in designing new reactive species for the realization of innovative reactions, which enable atom-economical preparation of synthetically useful compounds starting from simple molecules and activation of unreactive bonds or molecules such as C-H bonds and carbon dioxide. Some examples of the current researches are new carbocycle formation based on the electrophilic activation of alkynes, transition-metal catalyzed nucleophilic carboxylation reaction, utilization of alkyne-cobalt carbonyl complexes in organic synthesis, remote functionalization of carbon-hydrogen bonds, new methods for photochemical activation of unique molecules, and others. We also carry out total synthesis of natural products based on the reactions we have developed. Design and synthesis of novel functional molecules are also carried out mainly based on the transition metal complexes. Furthermore, we have also been carrying out research on supramolecular chemistry by utilizing reversible boronic ester formation for the construction of macrocycles of unique functionality.

Atmosphere of Laboratory