Kawaguchi Laboratory

Laboratory Introduction

Professor Kawaguchi

Assisitant professor Ishida

Laboratory name Kawaguchi Laboratory
Staff Professor Hiroyuki Kawaguchi
(The 2nd floor of East Bldg.1, room 24/
Assisitant professor Yutaka Ishida
(The 2nd floor of East Bldg.1, room 22/

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Research Content


A metallic complex is the combined kind with which a configured child who consists of an organic equality representative element compound is surrounded by a metallic ion. It's possible to produce the metallic complex with abundant individuality inexhaustibly by combining various configured children with metallic ions of various natures. A metallic complex is synthesized based on a design of a configured child by our study group, and a study is being advanced in order to deepen our understanding of its structure, its physical properties and a correlation of reaction.

The metallic complex which was specifically designed and synthesized is being employed as "the reaction field with the clear structure" and a new reaction of small molecules of a nitrogen molecule, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide scarce in reaction is being pioneered. We're working on a design of a (1) new configuration child, synthesis and inorganic small molecule activation using configured chemistry of (2) polydendate ligand, chemistry of the (3) electronic loss type hydrido complex and (4) metallic scratch build as the present research task.

Complex chemistry is the science which tries to choose metallic ions and a configured child using knowledge in inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry, assembled into one molecule and invent the physical properties we don't have so far and a substance with a reaction. The subject of our research is various from functional materials to catalysts. We're waiting for the person who has the will to build science in this broad field by using "our metallic scratch form one produced" as a foothold.

Atmosphere of Laboratory

The new laboratory where I started in the current year. I'll endeavor to be an active member