Kawano Laboratory

Laboratory introduction

professor Kawano

Laboratory name Kawano Laboratory
Staff Professor Masaki Kawano
(Green Hills Bldg.1, room 406/E-MAIL:mkawano@chem.)

*Please put titech.ac.jp on the E-MAIL.

Research Content

The purpose of our research is the development of functional materials utilizing kinetic effects in non-equilibrium systems. Diamond, graphite, fullerene, carbon nanotube, and graphene that are made from the same element of carbon are quite different in nature depending on the structure. Control of the intermediate state in the reaction is a key to preparation of such materials. Likewise, the same thing also can be observed in the nature of self-organized system. For example, DNAs are made from only four elements, but nature makes the best combination of the sequence to control the kinetically formed structure which is capable of the dynamic functions. During the kinetic self-assembly, weak intermolecular interactions play a crucial role in formation of a metastable state by entropy control. In our group, incorporating this mechanism in the artificial system, we aim the creation of materials and compounds that express unique functions. In particular, we aim to develop materials at a molecular level on the basis of structure determination using/developing a variety of techniques. In addition, in order to explore a new field, we internationally collaborate with different fields’ scientists.

Message from our group: Vision, passion, and action!

If you have a basic knowledge of chemistry, high motivation, and a warm heart to consider your neighbors, you are always welcome! Curiosity is essential to be great scientists. Think logically and deeply!
If you want to do something unusual, why do not you join us? Enjoy your life!