Kouchi/Kitajima Laboratory

Laboratory introduction

Professor Kouchi

Associate Professor Kitajima

Assistant Professor Hosaka

Laboratory name Kouchi/Kitajima Laboratory
Staff Professor Nobuyuki Kouchi
(The 5th floor of west Bldg.4, room 508/
Associate Professor Masashi Kitajima
(The 5th floor of west Bldg.4, room 503/
Assistant Professor Kouichi Hosaka
(The 5th floor of west Bldg.4, room 506/

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Research Content

"New Research by New Method"
In the laboratory, we study quantum dynamics of molecules, with our original technique, such as Coincidence Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (CoEELS), (g, 2g) spectroscopy, electron-ion coincidence measurements, and high-resolution ultra-low-energy electron beams. Our research is based on the interest from a basic point of view, yet the processes studied are important for the understanding the mechanism of elementally processes, and many applications, e.g. radiation chemistry, understanding of chemistry and physics of atmospheres and plasmas, and so on.

Our recent research interests includes, (1) Quantum Dynamics of the multiply excited molecules produced in the electron and the photon impact, (2) Reaction of an entangled pair of atoms produced in the photodissociation of molecules, (3) Stereo chemistry in the photon and electron collision with molecules, and (4) Cold electron collisions.