Kudo Laboratory

Laboratory introduction

Associate Professor Kudo

Laboratory name Kudo Laboratory
Staff Associate Professor Fumitaka Kudo
(The 5th floor of East building,1. room 52/

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Research Content

Our research is derived from "natural product biosynthesis", especially microbial secondary metabolites such as aminoglycoside antibiotics, polyketide antibiotics, peptide antibiotics, and terpene antibiotics. Currently, we mainly focus on the characterization of unique enzymes involved in natural product biosynthesis by the use of enzymology and molecular genetics based on organic chemistry. Recent progress on genome science reveals much of opportunity to find unprecedented enzyme catalysts, which would participate on synthetic chemistry. So, we are also doing genome mining to identify such novel enzymes and biosynthetic gene clusters. Students in my lab learn organic chemistry, protein chemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics etc.

Atmosphere of Laboratory

My group forms a joint laboratory with Prof. Eguchi's group in Chemistry and Materials Science sharing research projects on natural product biosynthesis. There are enough resaech equipments for study.