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professor Ohshima

assistant professor Mizuse

Laboratory name Ohshima Laboratory
Staff Professor Yasuhiro Ohshima
(The 1st floor of West Bldg.4, room 105B/
Assistant Professor Kenta Mizuse
(The 1st floor of West Bldg.4, room 104/

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Ohshima Laboratory

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“Design and Reconstruction of Molecular Quantum States of Motion”
Molecules in gas phase undergo translational, rotational and vibrational motions in a random manner, and the total molecular system is a statistical ensemble that contains a number of molecules in many different states of motions. This research group aims to establish methods to manipulate the quantum-state distribution pertinent to molecular motions, by utilizing the coherent interaction with laser lights. Here lasers with ultimate resolution in time and energy domains are employed complementally and cooperatively for manipulation of molecular motions. At the present stage, the following subjects have been extensively explored: 1) an exploit of impulsive interaction with ultrafast intense laser fields to achieve a nonadiabatic excitation of molecular motions, 2) realization of complete population transfer via an adiabatic interaction with coherent light fields from high-resolution ns pulsed laser systems, which have been newly constructed in this laboratory.

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