Suzuki/Ohmori Laboratory

Laboratory introduction

Professor Suzuki

Associate professor Ohmori

Assisitant professor Ando

Assisitant professor Takikawa

Laboratory name Suzuki/Ohmori Laboratory
Staff Professor Keisuke Suzuki
(The 3rd floor of East Bldg.1, room 35/E-MAIL:ksuzuki@chem.)
Associate professor Ken Ohmori
(The 3rd floor of East Bldg.1, room 34/E-MAIL:kohmori@chem.)
Assisitant professor Yosio Ando
(The 3rd floor of East Bldg.1, room 32/E-MAIL:yando@chem.)
Assisitant professor Hiroshi Takikawa
(The 1st floor of East Bldg.1, room 31/E-MAIL:htakikawa@chem.)

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Research Content

Our research group has studied organic synthesis by developing new strategies and tactics for the selective synthesis of complex natural products. Based on newly-developed reactions as well as the unique logic of multi-step synthesis, various enabling strategies have been developed and applied to the total syntheses. The items include,

  1. Acyclic stereocontrol via stereospecific pinacol-type 1,2-rearrangement

   2. Synthetic studies on glycoconjugates, including O- and C-glycosides

  3. Efficient construction of polyketide-derived polycyclic structures

  4. Synthesis of intriguing natural aromatic products, including oligocatechins

Through these studies, we recognized challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid natural products, i.e., composites of two or more moieties of distinct biogenesis. A typical example is the polyketide-derived polycycles, already having a high level of molecular diversity. Their hybridization with e.g. sugars, generates various attractive structures for pharmaceutical candidates. To address synthetic challenges posed by such hybrid molecules, we are steadily focusing on the development of new synthetic strategies and tactics.

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