Ookayama 2-12-1-NE-1,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo
152-8550, Japan
Room 701 (Prof.),
Room 702
(Associate Prof.),
Room 703 (Assistant Prof., Students)

TEL: +81-3-5734-
2240 (Room 701)
2239 (Room 702)
2759 (Room 703)
e-mail: ishitani@chem.,


Welcome to Ishitani Lab.

An important goal of the Ishitani-Maeda Group is to develop new photochemistry of metal-complexes and inorganic semiconductors. Every group member is tackling each research topic and of course enjoying chemistry. Besides research activities, we are trying to gain more knowledge and the skill in presentation from regular group meetings and academic conferences (both domestic and international). Our group now consists of 30 members, and almost half of the graduated students come from different universities other than Tokyo Institute of Technology. Foreign students and researchers are of course welcome to join our group. We also have parties and laboratory trips every year in order to develop friendship among group members.

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