We research on “Solid Catalysts”, especially “Intermetallic Compound Catalysts” and “Zeolite Catalysts”.

Intermetallic compound is a kind of alloy. Unlike usual alloy, i.e. a solid solution, the composition formula of intermetallic compound is expressed in a simple integer ratio. It has different crystalline structure and electronic state from its parent pure metals. Thus some intermetallic compounds have unique properties such as hydrogen storage capacity (LaNi5), superconductivity (Nb3Sn) and shape-memory effect (TiNi).

We have assumed that intermetallic compound also has unique catalytic properties. In fact, we have already reported the unique catalytic properties of intermetallic compounds such as Pt3Co, PtCu, Pt3Ti, Ni3Sn, Pd3Bi, CoHf2, etc.

Zeolites are crystalline composite oxides which have regularly-ordered micro-pores (less than 2 nm in diameter). Today, over 200 types of zeolites have been reported and the shapes and diameters of their micro-pores vary from type to type.

We have researched the catalytic properties of proton-form (acidic) zeolites, cation-exchanged zeolites, metallosilicates, etc.