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News 2014

2014 Nov

  • Dr Fujii wins the Award of the Crystallographic Society of Japan for Young Crystallographer. He gives two invited talks at the annual meeting and young scientist meeting of the Crystallographic Society of Japan. Mr Kawamura and Miss Saito do the oral and poster presentations and Mr Shiraiwa, Mr HIbino, Mr Yamada, Mr Saito and Miss Fujimoto give the poster presentations.

2014 Oct

  • Dr. Fujii gives an invited talk at the 4th CSF Chemistry Festa.
  • Professor Yashima gives an invited talk at the KIM-JIM (Korean Institute of Metals-Japan Institute of Metals) symposium in Korea. He also gives a presentation at the meeting of the 172nd committee of JSPS.

2014 Sep

  • An original paper by collaboration with Professor Yamada's group (Univ. Tokyo) was published in J. Mater. Chem. A.Link

2014 Jul

2014 Jun

  • An original paper by collaboration with Professor Kumada's group (Yamanashi Univ.) was published in Journal of Asian Ceramic SocietiesLink

2014 May

2014 Apr

  • Mr. Shiraiwa, Mr. Saito, Mrs. Fujimoto have joned our group.

2014 Mar

  • An original paper was published in Chem. Mater. as a Communications. This is a collaborating work with Dr. J. Hester of ANSTO, Australia and with Prof. T. Ishigaki and Prof. A. Hoshikawa of Ibaraki University. We discovered a new strcture familiy of perovskite-related compounds NdBaInO4.
  • Professor Yashima was awarded in the Best Teacher Award of Tokyo Insitute of Technology. Congratulations!
  • Our research results were reported in newspapers.March 13, 2014: Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper: Crystal structure can be designed by the group of Dr. Fujii and Prof. Yashima. The key materials for fuel cells. The target temperature is at or below 400 degrees in Celcius. March 18, 2014: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper: Discovery of stable crystal structures of ionic conductors. March 21, 2014:Kagaku Shimbun newspaper Tokyo Intitute of Technology, Discovery of New Type Oxide-Ion Conductors
  • Hibino, Yamada, Shimada, Kawamura, Ueda, Esaki, Chen (two), Omoto, Dr.Fujii and Prof. Yashima (three) will have presentations at the Annual Meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan.Oral presentations by Dr. Fujii and Prof. Yashima were chosen as the Topics Presentations of the Annual Meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan 2014.
  • Dr Fujii will present a paper at the symposium of IMSS of KEK (IMSS Festa).
  • An original paper, "Crystal structures of a pentavalent bismuthate,SrBi2O6and a lead bismuth oxide(Pb1/3Bi2/3)O1.4" was published in J. Asian Ceram. Soc.Link
  • Hibino and Yamada presented their undergraduate thesis research.

2014 Feb

  • Our works have been published in Applied Physics Express and J. Phys. Chem. C

2014 Jan