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News 2015

2015 Nov

  • Prof. Yashima presents an invited lecture at the 33rd Lecture Meeting of the Rare Earth Society of Japan. Link, Abstract
  • Prof. Yashima gives an oral presentation at the 41st Symposium on Solid State Ionics in Japan. Link

2015 Oct

  • Prof. Yashima, Dr. Fujii, Mr. Shiraiwa, Mr. Saito and Ms. Fujimoto give presentations at the Crystallographic Society of Japan annual meeting.link

2015 Sep

  • Mr. Shiraiwa earned a poster award at the Ceramic Society of Japan The 28th Fall Meeting.
  • Dr. Fujii earned a poster award of the Ceramic Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2015.
  • Prof. Yashima gives a plenary talk at 9th International Conference on ENERGY and DEVELOPMENT, ENVIRONMENT and BIOMEDICINE (EDEB '15).Link
  • Prof. Yashima gives an invited talk at the 15th research meeting of "CROSSroads of Users and J-PARC".Link
  • Prof. Yashima, Dr. Fujii, Mr. Hibino and Mr. Shiraiwa give presentations at the Fall Symposium of Ceramic Society of Japan.link

2015 Aug

  • Dr. Fujii presents a plenary talk at the workshop "New development in evaluation technique and synthesis of solid materials".

2015 Jul

  • Dr. Fujii presents an invited talk at the meeting for the research of materials science.Link
  • Prof. Yashima and Dr. Fujii give lectures at a lecture meeting of the Crystallographic Society of Japan.Link

2015 Jun

  • We measure the neutron diffraction data at the OPAL research reactor of Bragg Institute of ANSTO, Australia.Link
  • Prof. Yashima gives an invited talk at 11th International Conference on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (11th CMCEE) held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.Link
  • Prof. Yashima gives an invited talk in the Neutron Workshop held at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), Taiwan.Link

2015 May

  • Ms. Fujimoto winned the excellent poster award in the Spring Student Meeting of the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science. Conglaturation!Link
  • Dr Fujii winned the excellent poster award of the Annual Meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan. Conglaturation!Link
  • Our patent, "Perovskite Related Compound", was published also in JAPAN. Three students are inventors.
  • An original paper was published in J.Mater.Chem. A, entitled "Improved oxide-ion conductivity of NdBaInO4 by Sr doping" This is an international collaboration with Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim of KAERI, South Korea. Mr Shiraiwa (M2) and Mr Esaki of our group have contributed.Link
  • A critial review "Invited Review: Some recent developments in the atomic-scale characterization of structural and transport properties of ceria-based catalysts and ionic conductors" was published in Catalysis Today.Link
  • Prof. Yashima presented at the 172nd JSPS Committee.

2015 Apr

  • An original research paper was published in Inorg. Chem. and this work was also reported in "The Science News" newspaper. This is a collaboration with Dr. J. R. Hester and Dr. M. Avdeev of Bragg Institute of ANSTO, Australia and Prof. T. Kamiyama's group of KEK. Mr. K. Kawamura contributed very much to this work.article, The Science News
  • Dr. Fujii appeared on a TV program "Mirai-no-Kiegn (TBS)" on April 5, 2015. Students and Prof. Yashima also appeared on the TV.
  • Mr Nagamine, Mr Morise, Mr Uno and Mr Nakamura have joined our group. Welcome!
  • Professor Yashima gives a keynote lecture at the Analytix-2015 conference.Link

2015 Mar

  • Mr Kawamura and Miss Saito have graduated the master course. Congratulations!
  • Nikkan-Kogyo Shimbun newspaper reported our research results: "Atomic-Level Structural Origin of Thermal Expansion was solved by Professor Masatomo Yashima, Dr Kotaro Fujii, et al. of Tokyo Institute of Technology."
  • Ms Fujimoto has winned the excellent presentation award for the diploma work in the Department of Chemistry of Tokyo Tech. Congratulations!
  • Mr Shiraiwa has winned the excellent student poster award of the 3rd IMSS Science Festa of KEK. Congratulations!
  • Our patent, "Perovskite Related Compound", was published in USA and Korea. Inventors: Prof. Yashima, Dr. Fujii, Dr. Omoto (D3 when the patent was applied), Mr. Esaki (M2 when the patent was applied), and Miss Saito (M1 when the patent was applied). Join us and you may be an inventor of patents.Link
  • The "Nikkei-Sangyo-Shimbun" newspaper reported our research results, "Origin of the thermal expansion of electronic materials was resolved by Prof. Yashima and Dr. Fujii of Tokyo Tech. with the researchers of KEK and ANSTO" March 11, 2015.
  • A review paper " Crystal Structure, Electron-Density Distribution and Ion-Diffusion Pathway of Ceramic Materials Investigated by Multiple Approaches Including Neutron and X-ray Diffraction Methods" was published in J. Crystallogr. Soc. Jpn.Link
  • Prof. Yashima and Dr. Fujii organize The 1st Workshop on the Structure Science and Novel Materials: Crystal Structure, Oxide-ion Conduction & its Mechanism of Apatite-type Oxides: Present Status, Problems & Perspective.
    webpage / The Ceramic Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2015; Satellite meeting
  • Mrs. Shimada, Shiraiwa, Hibino, Saito and Hong give poster presenations at the Science Festa of the MLF, KEK. Link
  • Mr Kawamura's and Prof. Yashima's oral papers were selected as topics presentations in the annual meeting of ceramic society of Japan. Dr. Fujii, Miss Saito, Mr Yamada and Miss Fujimoto also give presenations.Link
  • March 2 Mr Saito and Miss Fujimoto's diploma presenation

2015 Feb

  • February 12 Miss Saito's master thesis presenation, February 17 Mr Kawamura's master theisis presentation

2015 Jan

  • Professor Yashima gives an invited talk "Crystal StructureAnalysis and Design of Ceramic Materials for Clean Energy" at the"Techno-festa" Conference of the Japan Fine Ceramics Association (JFCA)Link
  • As a topic of 2014's physics in the journal of "Parity", our work "Discovery of oxide-ion conductor with a new layered structure" was selected and published.Link