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News 2016

2016 Nov

  • Prof. Yashima had an keynote lecture at 14th International Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association(AsCA 2016)Link

2016 Oct

  • Prof. Yashima had an invited talk at STRUCTURE and THERMODYNAMICS of OXIDES at HIGH TEMPERATURE (STOHT2016)Link

2016 Sep

  • Prof. Yashima and Mr. Nakamura had presentations at The Ceramic Society of Japan  The 29th Fall Meeting. Mr. Nakamura earned a best presentation award.Link
  • Prof. Yashima had an invited talk at The 2016 E-MRS Fall MeetingLink

2016 Jul

  • Prof. Yashima had an invited talk at Fundamentals and Applications of Cerium Dioxide in Catalysis (FACC-2016 Beijing)Link

2016 Jun

  • Prof. Yashima had an invited talk at 9th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites / Global Forum on Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable DevelopmentLink
  • Prof. Yashima had an invited talk at Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR) 2016Link
  • Dr. Fujii will have an invited talk at international conference "Rare Earths 2016"Link
  • Prof. Yashima, Mr. Shiraiwa and Mr. Hibino will have an presentation at international conference "Rare Earths 2016"Link

2016 May

  • Dr. Niwa had an invited talk at EMN Meeting on Fuel CellsLink

2016 Apr

  • Mr Wakana, Mr Inoue, and Mr Matsui have joined our group. Welcome!

2016 Mar

  • Mr Yamada have graduated the master course. Congratulations!
  • Mr Nakamura has winned the excellent presentation award for the diploma work in the Department of Chemistry of Tokyo Tech. Congratulations!
  • Mr. Shimada, Mr. Saito will have presentation at The 3rd IMSS Science Festa Link
  • Prof. Yashima, Dr. Niwa, Mr. Yamada, Mr. Saito, Mr. Nagamine, Ms. Fujimoto, Mr. Morise, Mr. Uno, Mr. Nakamura will have presentation at the ceramic society of Japan Annual meeting 2016Link
  • Prof. Yashima, Dr. Fujii and Dr. Niwa organize The 2nd Workshop on the Structure Science and Novel Materials: Present Status & Perspective
  • Martch 4, Prof. Yashima and Dr. Fujii will have invited talk, and Mr. Shiraiwa and Mr. Hibino will have poster presentations at Australia-Japan Workshop on Neutron Science Link
  • March 1 Mr. Uno and Mr. Nakamura's diploma presenation

2016 Feb

  • February 16 Mr. Shimada, Mr. Shiraiwa, Mr. Hibino, and Mr. Yamada's master thesis presenations

2016 Jan

  • Dr. Niwa joined our group.
  • Professor Yashima will give two invited talks at the EMN Meeting on ceramics (Hong Kong).Link
  • Professor Yashima will give an invited talk at the Workshop of the Tokai branches of Japan Institute of Metals and of the Iron and Steel of Japan (Nagoya University).