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News 2018

2018 Nov

  • Mr. Inoue and Mr. Yaguchi earned poster presentation awards at the 8th CSJ Chemistry Festa.
  • Mr. Tsujiguchi earned a poster presentation award at the annual meeting of crystallographic society of Japan.

2018 Sep

  • Mr. Matsui and Mr. Yasui earned a poster presentation award.

2018 Jun

  • Prof. Yashima had a keynote lecture at 3th Global Congress & Expo on Materials Science and Nanoscience, and Dr. Niwa had an invited presentation at Collaborative Conference on Materials Research 2018

2018 May

  • Mr. Uno, Mr. Yaguchi, Mr. Tsujiguchi, and Mr. Kido earned the excellent poster awards of the Annual Meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan. Conglaturation!Link

2018 Apr

  • Press Release:Apatite-type materials without interstitial oxygens show high oxide-ion conductivity by overbonding Link

2018 Mar

  • Our member had presentations at the ceramic society of Japan Annual meeting 2018, 85th ECSJ spring meeting, and Quantum beam science festa.

2018 Jan

  • Prof. Yashima earned CSJ Award for Creative Work
  • Mr. Zhang, Mr. Uno, and Mr. Wakana will have presentation at Symposium on Basic Science of Ceramics