Kawano Lab's one-year schedule is as follows.
month events
April welcome party for new students
May Proposal Seminar, experiment at PAL
June Softball Tournament
July Experiment at PAL
August summer vacation (about 2 weeks)
September Annual Meeting of CRSJ(The Crystallographic Society of Japan), JSCC(Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry)
November Experiment at PAL (often everyone go to PAL)
January Doctoral dissertation presentation
February Master thesis presentation
March Annual Meeting of CSJ(Chemical Society of Japan)

If you get the some good results, you can join the conference and make a presentation at an early stage.

You may also have the opportunity to go abroad for experiments and conferences.


Kawano Lab has three types of regular seminars: MR (Monthly Report), LS (Literature Seminar), and CT (Current Topics).

MR is held several times a month, you will announce the progress of your research every month.

LS is held twice a year, you will present papers that are in line with your research theme and introduce about 5 to 10 of them in a story style.

CT is held once or twice a month, and each student checks and introduce newest researches, articles and papers.

All member presents in English at our seminar.

Are you not good at English ? But it's okay. You will be able to speak and hear English soon.


In Japan, Kawano Lab member mainly participate in the following academic conferences every year.

Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry(Autamn)

The Crystallographic Society of Japan)(Autamn)

CEMSupra(Once every two years, winter)

Chemical Society of Japan(Spring)

If your research is successful and you get results that you can present, you can actively participate and present.

It is an opportunity to listen to lectures of famous resercher directly, to get inspiration by seeing research presentations of students from other universities, and to level up.

When you participate any confernces, you should be positive and active.

Of course, we also participate in international conferences.

If you have the chance, you may be able to participate the conferences. In the past, we have participated in the following conferences.

  • AScA2016 (2016, Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • ACCC6 (2017, Melbourne, Germany)
  • ICPAC2018 (2018, Siem Reap, Cambodia)
  • 122nd KCS General Meeting (2018, Daegu, Korea)
  • AScA2018 (2018, Auckland, New Zealand)
  • MOF2018 (2018, Auckland, New Zealand)
  • ACCC7 (2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • JSPS A3 Foresight Program 2nd Seminar (2019, Huangshan, China)

  • Lecture by Prof. Kawano. Hanoi, Vietnam(2016.06)


    In addition to seminars and conference presentations, we will conduct experiments at large-scale synchrotron radiation facilities such as KEK (Tsukuba), SPring-8 (Sayo-cho, Hyogo), and PAL (Pohang, Korea).

    PAL entrance. Pohang, Korea(2017.11)


    We participate in the softball tournament held every June.

    Of course, We are aiming for the champion! !