The 2nd Workshop on the Structure Science for the Development of Novel Materials
Satellite program in the annual meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan 2021
日本セラミックス協会 2021年 年会 サテライトプログラム

Current Status and Future Prospects of the Ionic Conductors and Bond Valence Method



In this workshop, we aim to discuss the current status and future prospects of the Bond-Valence (BV) Method. The main topic of this workshop is the application of the BV method to the solid state ionics, and we will also discuss about the general use of the BV method in the ceramic materials science. After short talks (about 10 min each) from the invited speakers, we will have discussion session (about 60-80 mins) to find the current issues of the BV method and future strategy to develop this method. The talks and discussion will be in English, but we are welcome to have comments or questions in Japanese.
本ワークショップは結合原子価法(BV法)の現状と将来展望について議論することを目的としています. 特に固体イオニクスへの応用について議論しますが,セラミック材料科学における利用についても議論する予定です. 招待講演者による10分程度の短い発表のあと,講演者・聴講者による討論会の時間を60-80分程度設けます. 英語のでの開催を予定していますが,質問や意見(討論への参加)は日本語でも歓迎ですので,ぜひご参加ください.


Mar. 23, 2021, 9am-12am (2021年3月23日 9:00~12:00)

Invited speakers

Stefan Adams (National University of Singapore), Maxim Avdeev (ANSTO), Shinichi Nishimura (The University of Tokyo), Wenrui Zhang (AIST), Masatomo Yashima (Tokyo Tech)


(Chair: Taito Murakami, Masatomo Yashima, Kotaro Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Maxim Avdeeev (ANSTO))
■ 9:00- 9:20 Keynote
      Material Exploration and Diffusion Mechanism of New Ion Conductors by Bond-Valence Method
      (Tokyo Institute of Technology)Masatomo Yashima, Kotaro Fujii, Taito Murakami, Wenrui Zhang, Masahiro Shiraiwa, Hiroshi Yaguchi, Yuta Yasui
■ 9:20- 9:50 Keynote
      Opportunities and Challenges in Bond Valence-based Computational Design of Ion Conducting Solids
      (Singapore National University)Stefan Adams
■ 9:50-10:15 Keynote
      Bond-valence model limitations and alternative methods to overcome them
      (ANSTO)Maxim Avdeev
■10:15-10:35 Invited
      Bond Valence Analysis of Electrode Materials for Sodium-/Lithium-ion Batteries
      (Univ. Tokyo)Shin-ichi Nishimura, Atsuo Yamada
■10:35-10:55 Invited
      Discovery of Dion-Jacobson-type oxide-ion conductors by screening through Bond-Valence-based energy calculations, synthesis, and characterization of structural and transport properties
      (AIST)Wenrui Zhang, (Tokyo Institute of Technology)Kotaro Fujii, Masatomo Yashima
■10:55-11:05 break
■11:05-12:00 Discussion by all

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free (無料)


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